How to Order

Whether you have a hot date this coming weekend, your best friend's birthday party or you simply love our stuff as much as we do (thank you!) take a look through our collection. See something you like? Click on it and we'll show you all the details you need such as the fit, size, description and of course more pictures. Click on 'Add to Bag' to put the item one step closer to your hands!  

I know at this stage, you would be just as excited as we are. However we still need a few more details from you to make sure that we deliver the right goodies to you and as fast as we possibly can.
So if that's all the items you want for now, please click on 'check out' or you can 'continue shopping' our collection.

Step 3: SIGN IN 
Is this your first time shopping with us? Why don't you create an account with us, that way you'll be the first to know whenever we add new items to our collections or maybe we've put your favorite item on discount!
If this isn't your first time, please sign in. In a bit of ahurry? that's fine, you can check out as a guest. You can create an account next time you shop with us!

We're almost there! Before placing your order, please take a look at all the details to make sure we've got everything right. You can then select which payment method you'd like to use, we take bank transfers, Credit Card or BCA KlikPay.

If you purchase using bank transfer method:
We will give you an ORDER ID and the order details will appear on your screen after you check out. You will also receive an email regarding your order. Unfortunately there is one more step you need to do after this, which is submitting your payment details.

Not to worry! We will hold your items for 48 hours. Unfortunately, we will have to let your item go back on sale if you DO NOT submit a proof of payment in 48 hours. So, please don't forget!

After you complete the payment, come visit us again and enter your ORDER ID at the confirm payment link. There will be some details you need to fill in but after that, you’re all set! You will receive your payment confirmation email after this last step.

If you pay using credit card:
You do not have to do anything else after completed your payment. You will also receive an email report regarding your order.

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